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Global Service Delivery

Helio Planet has developed a global Business Model for the 'roll-out' of the transportable Helio Reactor Units (HRU)
with 'Low Temperature Natural Extraction' (LTNE) technology. This Business Model places Helio Planet as a
major global services provider for the management and processing of bio-waste
(green waste, municipal solid waste, sludges, tyres, plastics, agricultural waste, market waste, industrial sludges).


ecosystems and economics

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Energy & Resource Services

Global Production and Sales Channels.
Commodities are produced daily across the planet via the local Helio Reactor Units (HRU).
We are establishing a Singaporean Trade Desk to facilitate the large volumes of commodities.

Bio-Char 'wonder-product'

Bio-Char is fast becoming a 'wonder-product' recognised globally by scientists and farmers alike. There are over 50 uses for bio-char and the value proposition is dependent on the use.

Bio-Gas Heat Energy

Bio-Gas is used as an onsite energy generation (gas fired turbine) it is reused within the process so there is no dependence on any external energy source.

Bio-Oil New Derivative

Bio-Oil is used as an on site energy generation (diesel fired turbine) and off site generation in suitable circumstances.

Water Extracted resource

Water is extracted as the waste feedstock is presented at the input of the Helio Reactor Unit (HRU) for processing.

Electricity to Grid Local energy generation

All recovered resources are capable of becoming feedstock for the appropriate turbines to generate electricity for connection to the grid.

Electricity To Batteries Local Energy Storage

As electricity is generated instead of directing it to the grid it is used to charge batteries for local distribution.


waste and economics

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What people say

  • 'For years we have been waiting for a technology that can process our green waste with no emissions and an economical business plan. At last Helio Planet has delivered what we needed.'

    Adrian, Local Government Agency, VIC

  • 'One of the hardest bio-wastes to dispose of is sewage sludge with its inherent heavy metals and pathogens. The low temperature thermal process used by Helio Planet has resolved those issues for us.'

    Trevor, Waste Industry Expert, QLD

  • 'The lack of available landfill has become an issue for the disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). With the transportable Helio Planet equipment we can now reclaim land by processing MSW, in real-time, as it lands on our landfill site. Thus we can utilise the land for many other social benefits.'

    Eric, Landfill Owner, Malaysia

  • 'The waste that is fed into the Helio Planet transportable reactor can generate enough daily electricity to power hundreds of homes in developing countries.'

    John, Energy Industry Expert, VIC

Helio Planet

Service Features

Global environmental impact with major carbon emission reductions.






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