Global Economics


ECO-nomics™ relates to process, financial and economical methods applied to the eradication of waste and the creation of a sustainable planetary ECO system.

Helio Planet has developed a global Business Model for the 'roll-out' of the transportable Helio Reactor Units (HRU) with 'Low Temperature Natural Extraction' (LTNE) technology. This Business Model places Helio Planet as a major global services provider for the management and processing of bio-waste (green waste, municipal solid waste, sludges, tyres, plastics, agricultural waste, market waste, industrial sludges). Many of these waste feedstock are found within the local community.

Our very simplistic business model centres around the eradication of global bio-waste to create valuable resources for sale.

The project economics are based on:

  1. a Helio Reactor Unit (HRU) is delivered to the waste site
  2. a tipping fee is paid by the waste owner to remove their waste
  3. water extracted from waste feedstock is given back to the community
  4. recovered resources are sold as raw commodities (bio-char, bio-oil)
  5. recovered raw resources may be refined as new products with higher economic benefit (fertiliser)
  6. recovered raw resources may be used as feedstock in turbines to create electricity (steam-fired-turbine)

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