localised process


We provide 'localised complex waste processing' services.
We go where the waste is situated.

The self contained, small footprint, transportable waste reactor processing units allow each community to manage and benefit from the resource output. Large, ultra-expensive centralised waste processing plants are totally avoided.

There are many different types of waste feedstock that can be processed with the Helio Reactor Unit (HRU). Many of these waste feedstock are found within the local community:

  • green waste (biomass)
  • municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • agricultural waste (cotton, switch grass, nut shells, rice hulls, straw)
  • animal waste (poultry litter, cow manure, other manures)
  • abattoir waste
  • sludges
  • tannery sludges
  • industrial waste
  • tannery sludges
  • tyres

The local community project is based on:

  1. a Helio Reactor Unit (HRU) is delivered to the waste site
  2. a tipping fee is paid by the waste owner to remove their waste
  3. water extracted from waste feedstock is given back to the community
  4. recovered resources are sold as raw commodities (bio-char, bio-oil)
  5. recovered raw resources may be refined as new products with higher economic benefit (fertiliser)
  6. recovered raw resources may be used as feedstock in turbines to create electricity (steam-fired-turbine)

We provide a community with the localised LTNE unit to process waste within their area rather than the traditional collect, transport and dispose process (landfill, seafill or incineration) required in a centralised manner. These self contained, small footprint, transportable LTNE processing units allow each community to manage and also benefit from the output.

In this way large ultra-expensive centralised processing plants and landfills are avoided.

The transportable plant has application in the green waste, treated sewage and industrial sludge markets around the world.

This is a very large market worldwide, estimated at over 30 million Dry Tonne Per Year (DTPY) in the developed world alone and its growing at a rate of about 1% to 2% per year.

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