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Our planet is undergoing significant and possibly catastrophic changes that may become irreversible once a tipping point is reached. These changes relate to:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Waste Generation Change

The ‘Climate Change’ debate has many issues with divided opinion. Across the planet we are seeing more flooding, more drought, more wild fires, more extreme storms and more record breaking natural disasters than ever before. But we are not united to take common action.

The ‘Waste Change’ issues, however, are globally evident without question or debate.

Helio Planet’s technologically advanced transportable waste processing innovation is a disruptive technology capable of making a significant global impact and contribution in the diversion of waste from landfill, seafill and incineration.

Helio Planet achieves considerable environmental benefits over traditional landfill, seafill or other waste disposal alternatives.

Part of the Complex Waste input feedstock is Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Many studies, conducted over the years have identified a similar composition for this MSW waste type. The waste composition typically consists of:

  • paper (25.8%)
  • plastics (14%)
  • organics (20.6%)
  • construction demolition (13.9%)
  • other general material (11.6%)

The Helio Reactor Unit (HRU) can process all the above waste feedstock. Each community has its own unique composition of MSW, however, in general this waste group typically represents more than 85% of the collected waste. MSW also includes:

  • metals (5.5%)
  • electronic items (3.3%)
  • glass 2.2%)
  • household hazardous waste (3.2%)

The Helio Reactor Unit (HRU) at present does not process these waste items. which typically represents about 15% of the collected waste.

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