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With urbanisation growth and higher income levels MSW generation per capita has grown to alarming levels.

Combining the urban Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation per capita projections and the 2014 UN urban population projections total quantities of MSW are estimated. Actual figures for each region is presented in the attached chart for 2013 and for 2050 projections (ie in 37 years).

The doubling in urban population correlates with more than double urban MSW generation.

Thus for every 20-30 years we expect the MSW generation to DOUBLE.

This is an alarming growth rate of waste considering the current waste disposal issues we as facing globally.

To disrupt any industry many driving forces align to provide a value proposition that the customer base embraces and adopts in favour of any existing business models. Economic efficiency and effectiveness usually win out in the long term. In many instances technologically driven disruption has won the customer value proposition.

Helio Planet has over many years refined it’s cutting edge technology and applied it to the solution of waste processing so desperately needed by our planet. In this case however, technology alone was not the industry transformative process but in unison with a transportable product, a business model that created localised employment and an economically sustainable revenue stream from waste input feedstock.

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