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The gruesome reality:

With urbanisation growth and higher income levels MSW generation per capita has grown to alarming levels.

Fact 1:
On 31 October, 2011, the United Nations organisation (UN) recorded a global population of 7 billion. Since then the UN Population Division projects a world population of 9 billion in 2043 and 10 billion in 2083.

Fact 2:
The World Bank Group has concluded in it’s knowledge pages that Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation is projected to double every 20 years.

Fact 3:
Based on estimates by the Global Footprint Network ‘…on 8 August, 2016, we began to use more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year. We use more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate through overfishing, over harvesting forests and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than forests can sequester. The world’s population currently consumes the equivalent of 1.6 planets a year’.

In combination these major issues, if left unresolved, will equate to an unsustainable planet.

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